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Multilinear Algebra epub

Multilinear Algebra by Werner H. Greub

Multilinear Algebra

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Multilinear Algebra Werner H. Greub ebook
Page: 235
ISBN: 0387038272, 9780387038278
Format: djvu
Publisher: Springer

Halmos Section 29,30 and 31: Multilinear Forms, Alternating Multilinear Forms, Alternating Multilinear Forms of Maximal DegreeIn "Fun Problems". Tsing, Some isometries of rectangular complex matrices. Linear and Multilinear Algebra 23, 47–53 (1988). Nov 15, 2010 - Point of post: In this post we give a characterization of alternating forms in terms of the values they take on any basis, and with this we characterize the determinant as the unique alternating multilinear form $latex K$ on the columns of a matrix $latex Loading Alternating FormsIn "Algebra". In mathematics, multilinear algebra extends the methods of linear algebra. Apr 10, 2014 - The book’s 20 chapters are grouped into six main areas: algebraic structures, matrices, structured matrices, geometric aspects of linear algebra, modules, and multilinear algebra. Jul 11, 2006 - This article has three chief aims: (1) To show the wide utility of multilinear algebraic formalism for high-performance computing. Feb 1, 2002 - "[The first] ten chaptersare an efficient, accessible, and self-contained introduction to affine algebraic groups over an algebraically closed field. Russo, Trace preserving mappings of matrix algebra. The author includes exercises and the book is certainly usable by graduate Get alerted on new Springer publications in the subject area of Linear and Multilinear Algebras, Matrix Theory. May 27, 2013 - In this section, we provide a brief overview of tensor and multilinear algebra. Feb 3, 2014 - For classroom use, there is a modern introduction to multilinear algebra and to the geometry and representation principle essential to study tensors, including a big amount of workout routines.

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